Jubilee Sapphire   ALCA Registration # 145-02212013-090-LB1

And pups from litter # 205-11022015-001-L

Watch this video, and see why Animal Planet calls the Labradoodle the near perfect pet !

About Us

   Breeder of Multi-Generation Australian Labradoodles.

   Our Labradoodles are bred for superior health, temperament and conformation to the Australian labradoodle Breed Standard. Five generations of OFA Hips & Elbow, OFA eye

 Our Labradoodle Puppies are medium to small-medium in size, have soft fleece coats in Black, Dark Brown, Chocolate, Red, Apricot, Cream, and Parti (two colors).

   We breed in our home under the supervision of a veterinarian, and a breed specialist. We do not cage or kennel our dogs or puppies. Our dogs are members of our family, and live inside with us.

   For more information contact us.

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